Nothing lasts forever

I have been trying to finish some posts I’ve been preparing for the past few days, but everything that I wanted to say or talk about seems very empty and irrelevant now.  

I don’t think there are words that haven’t been said in support of this tragedy Ukraine is going through and I hope that all those fighting and seeking refuge in other countries are safe. 

We also shouldn’t forget about the brave people from Russia and Belarus who are risking their safety and freedom to protest this war. I hope those arrested were let go and that they won’t be frightened by their government into submissiveness. When tensions are this high, we have to remember that the actions of the few don’t represent the many.  

I know that this situation is causing a lot of negative emotions in everyone and it can hurt everyone’s mental health at a time when we should all be strong. Please take care of your mind and turn off the news when it becomes too much or you feel overwhelmed by the influx of bad news and dark predictions. Read books, focus your mind on other things, do what you love and what makes you feel grounded.  If you are scared and fighting with anxiety, talk to someone you trust and don’t let it all bottle up.

Also, at this time it is our responsibility to make sure misinformation is not being spread to further worsen this situation. The best I think we can do is to not jump on and believe in any news until it’s confirmed by reliable sources and social media is not always, it’s barely ever, a reliable source. There are a lot of guides online on how to spot misinformation so make sure to check them out.  

I love you all and I hope you are all doing as well as you can ❤ 


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