Mistakes you make when blow-drying your hair

Jade is back with her hair expertise! As a hairdresser, Jade knows everything about hair, and she couldn’t wait to share this article! She experiences lots of mistakes from customers by blow-drying their hair, and she wants to help prevent that!

* Wrong brush

The biggest mistake is using a metal brush. The metal of the brush heats up very quickly when blow-drying. This damages the hair and it can break off faster. Therefore, choose a wooden round brush.

2. No attachment

The attachment is there for a reason! It ensures that you can focus and style your hair in shape. You also prevent burning and damage to the hair when you use the attachment.

3. Too wet

Make sure that the hair is already a little dry before you start blow-drying. This ensures your hair is less likely to break off and you save a lot of time. Styling and care products also absorb less when your hair is too wet. Therefore, blow-dry or towel-dried hair, and you’re assured of a perfect cut.

4. Too hot

Make sure the hairdryer is on a low setting. This helps to detangle the hair and ensures that the hair doesn’t dry out. Do you have curls? Then it’s important that you always blow-dry at a low temperature. If you don’t do this, you can make the hair too dry, resulting in fluffy hair.

5. In one place

If you blow-dry your hair, it’s important that you keep moving the hairdryer. If you keep the hairdryer in one place for too long, the hair can become too hot and even break off and you want to prevent that

6. No temperature change

If your hair is almost completely dry, it’s better to use the cold position of your hairdryer. This is better for your hair, and your hairstyle stays longer in shape this way. A win-win situation!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

Image source: Pexels

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